Core Subject : Sustainable finance

Difficulty : Foundational

Length : Approximately 3-4 hours

Structure :

  • Self-guided course
  • Readings
  • Assessments
  • IIX Institute digital credential

Course Access Period : 90 days

Price : $15

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Pricing is a significant part of every enterprise’s journey. It directly affects customer perception of the product, the ability to make revenue and compete in the market, and even the future of the company. An enterprise will only thrive when its offered innovation deploys the right pricing strategies for the right consumer – navigating this might be difficult, but not impossible, regardless of an enterprise’s size. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of customers’ willingness to pay and the best strategies to deploy when pricing a product and maximizing revenue.

Learning Objectives 

  • Gain insights into the impact that pricing can have on the success of a business
  • Explore the main reasons why businesses fail to survive in the market
  • Learn the three most critical elements to monetizing your innovation the right way

Who Should Enroll ?

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who are determined to effectively scale their business and maximize revenue with their innovation
  • Investors and consultants wanting to better support enterprises reach their fullest potential

Learning Topics

Module 1

Why do Innovations Fail?

Module 2

Understanding Willingness to Pay

Module 3

Effective Segmentation Strategies

Module 4

Choosing the Best Monetization Model

Key Benefits

Renowned Instructors

Learn from the most recognized innovators in the space

Immediate Applicability

Jumpstart your career in sustainability and discover new answers to old problems

Online, Self-Guided Course

Learn anytime, anywhere with unimitated access for 90 days

IIX Institute digital credential

Earn a verified digital credential from the IIX Institute that can be used as evidence of knowledge acquired


Edward Hartman

Partner, Simon-Kucher and Co-Founder, LegalZoom

Eddie Hartman is a Partner at Simon Kucher’s San Francisco office. He specializes in developing high-growth revenue strategies, conducting effective go-to-market planning, and achieving recurring revenue excellence. Eddie works with small “hypergrowth” companies and “unicorns,” as well as larger B2B corporations in the SaaS/n-sided market space. He also helps professional services firms optimize their pricing, including members of the AMLAW 100. He is a frequent keynote speaker and is a regular lecturer at universities including Stanford, Yale, and Harvard. Eddie served as an internal editor of Simon-Kucher’s bestselling 2016 book “Monetizing Innovation.”

Prior to joining Simon-Kucher, Eddie started and operated multiple companies with a total valuation in excess of three billion dollars. This hands-on operational experience, combined with nearly a decade of international consulting, enables Eddie to integrate strategy, implementation, and feasibility into his project approaches.

Eddie received his bachelor’s degree in computer science/mathematics from Yale University. He earned an MBA in finance and marketing from the Wharton School of Business, where he was designated a Palmer Scholar (highest academic honor), and received special certification in project management from the California Institute of Technology. The Founder Institute has recognized him as a Global 40 mentor. A licensed attorney, he is a member of the California Bar and the Hague Institute on International Law (HIIL) Task Force on Justice.

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