Orange Bond Verification Training Program

About this Program

The Orange Bond Verification Training Program is your exclusive path to becoming a certified Orange Bond Approved Verifier. The curriculum empowers individuals aspiring to excel as external verifiers of Orange Bonds or trusted second-party opinion providers. 

The program comprises four courses delivered across seven interactive online sessions, catering to individuals with a genuine passion for driving data-driven Orange transactions. Enhance your expertise on the topic and unlock revenue streams for a sustainable future.


CEO and Founder, Impact Investment Exchange

Applications for our 2024 cohort will be announced soon.

Program Overview

Orange Bonds are the world’s first asset class built by both the Global South and North and the 99% to finance gender equality. It is part of the Orange Movement™, an initiative to empower ~100 million women and girls worldwide by mobilizing US$10 billion by 2030.

As an Orange Bond Approved Verifier, you can verify a bond issuance as Orange in compliance with the Orange Bond Principles™

Approved Verifiers will be a potent catalyst for gender equality and a sustainable future where women, girls, and gender minorities are agents of climate action, peacebuilding, and prosperity. Approved Verifiers will also have the chance to tap into the Orange Bond market and add Orange Bond verification work to their portfolio, thus broadening avenues for financial growth.

Target Audience

The Orange Bond Verification Training program is designed exclusively for those seeking licensed credentials as an Orange Bond Approved Verifier. We welcome all participants across the public and private sectors, regardless of your past involvement in the capital bond market. Our program is best suited to individuals and organizations who are looking to: 

  • Perform services as an external reviewer or second-party opinion to label an issuance as Orange 
  • Offer advisory services for structuring new Orange bond issuances or restructuring existing bonds to align with the Orange Bond Principles. 
  • Consult organizations and governments on aligning Orange Bonds with sustainable finance policies and tax regulations.

Learning Pathway

The Orange Bond Verification Training Program is held weekly across seven synchronous online learning sessions, allowing students to consult with practicing Orange Bond issuers, verifiers, and experts from the industry. A class recording will be available for each session to accommodate different time zones.

Course 1:
Financing for Gender Equality

Understand the potential of gender-lens investing to build prosperity, peace, and planetary resilience.

  • Gender equality underpinning the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)
  • Empirical link between investing in women and positive financial outcomes
  • Introduction to gender-lens investing

Course 2:
Introduction to the Orange Bond Initiative™

Gain an overview of the Orange Bonds as a cross-cutting asset class for investing in gender equality.

  • Introduction to “bonds that do good,” their current limitations, and impact-washing
  • Understanding the mission of the Orange Movement
  • Orange Bonds as a cross-cutting asset class

Course 3:
Understanding and applying Orange Bond Principles™

How do we accurately determine an issuance as Orange, and what will Orange Bond Approved Verifiers do in practice?

  • Learn about the three overarching principles that a transaction must meet to qualify as an Orange Bond
  • Gain a practical overview of the external review process for Orange Bonds
  • Understand your role as an Orange Bond Approved Verifier for Orange Bonds

Course 4:
Impact Assessment and Labeling for Orange Bonds

Understand the crucial role of impact assessment and confirmation to ensure the transparency of Orange Bonds.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of impact assessment using IIX’s proprietary impact measurement framework
  • Learn how to conduct impact assessment and confirmation for Orange Bonds
  • Practice technical skills in qualifying and rating Orange Bonds

To obtain a license as an Approved Verifier, candidates must complete all courses and tests within this program. The license is tagged to the participating individual and the organization they represent. Upon completing the program, your organization will be listed on the Orange Movement website so those seeking verification can quickly contact you.

Program Fees

The program fee covers the costs of both training and a license. The Approved Verifier license is valid for one year upon program completion and is attached to the Verifier’s organization. To keep their license, Approved Verifiers must pay a license renewal fee of USD 229 and complete 2 OBI-approved professional development courses annually.

The program fees below are adjusted based on an organization’s operating country. All participants are eligible for a training fee subsidy from our official partner, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT).

Program Fees
Original Fee
DFAT Subsidized Fee
USD 6,000
USD 3,000
USD 5,400
USD 2,700

Note: 10% off for 10+ members from one organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain the Orange Bond Approved Verifier license, participants must complete the four certification exams (passing grade of 70%) under this program.

As we welcome students from all over the globe, our commitment is to maintain the quality of your learning journey irrespective of your geographic location. Thus, your complete attendance in the live sessions will not affect your chances of obtaining your license.

Suppose you cannot attend any live sessions. In that case, you will receive all reading materials, class presentations, and lecture recordings through your student dashboard on the IIX Impact Institute (all participants have access to the platform). You will have access to these learning materials for up to 90 days.

No. We welcome all participants regardless of their prior involvement in the capital bond market. Our past cohort has included financial institutions, foundations, law firms, and second-party opinion providers.

No. Your program fee includes access to retake your certificate exams as often as you need for 90 days. You do not have to repurchase the course or start the materials repeatedly.