About this Program

Join our Investor and Ecosystem Training aimed at further developing Vietnam’s burgeoning impact investment landscape. Tailored for a diverse audience of global and Vietnamese investors, influential policymakers, and innovative startup incubators, this program empowers you to maximize returns while conscientiously weighing risks and impact.

This training offers deep insights into impact investing, understanding Vietnam’s market dynamics, and effective strategies for successful market entry. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to make a meaningful contribution to a thriving investment landscape that yields financial returns, drives positive change, and fosters systemic growth in communities across Vietnam.


CEO and Founder, Impact Investment Exchange

Program Overview

Explore the essentials of impact investing, focusing on Vietnam’s investment environment and government support for investment and entrepreneurship. Delve into areas like gender equality, environmental sustainability, and policy regulations. This course provides insights and practical guidelines for integrating these aspects into your investment decisions, along with rich data from extensive research.

Course Features:

  • Local Insights: Understand the unique dynamics of global and Vietnamese markets with government initiatives.
  • Flexible Learning: Concise modules tailored to diverse schedules.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Learn to balance societal good with financial returns and evaluate social impact businesses effectively.

Embark on this journey to align your investment strategies with impactful societal contributions in Vietnam’s evolving market.

Learning Pathway

The program has four synchronous online learning sessions:

Course 1: Impact Investing Landscape (Globally and in Vietnam)

  • Gain an understanding of the global impact investing landscape and its unique position in Vietnam. 
  • Explore investment opportunities and challenges in this rapidly growing market. 

Course 2: Environment and Impact

  • Explore the crucial link between environment and impact and its connection to social issues. 
  • Gain insights on how to position yourself in the emergent impact investing market.

Course 3: Gender Lens Investing 

  •  Gain expertise in gender lens investing, measure impact, and reinforce gender equality in Vietnam. 
  • Our actionable insights will help you maximize your approach to this critical issue.

Course 4: Investing in Vietnam – Policies & Regulations

  • Discover how to streamline your investments in Vietnam and support local communities through impact businesses. 
  • Driving policy change for a more impactful investment landscape.

Course 5: Innovative Finance

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Innovative Finance’s mechanisms, applications, and the challenges and opportunities it presents.
  • Apply this knowledge to promote impact investment in Vietnam, leveraging these insights for practical implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain the IRV Training Certification, participants must complete the four certification exams (passing grade of 70%) under this program.

No. We welcome all participants regardless of their prior involvement in the investment area.

No, you can select your preferred courses. However, we encourage you to take the entire program to understand the topic deeply and earn a certificate signed by GAC and IIX.