How to be an Effective Impact Investor





Core Subject : Sustainable finance

Difficulty : Foundational

Length : Approximately 2-3 hours

Structure :

  • Self-guided course
  • Readings
  • Assessments
  • IIX Institute digital credential

Course Access Period : 90 days

Price : $30

Group rates available. Contact : for more info.


There is an incredible, rapidly growing movement to understand how the private sector can contribute to serving the needs of underserved communities around the globe. As more and more investors begin to make investments to intentionally generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return, there is a need to build familiarity in the mechanics and implications of having investments that balance risk, return, and impact as part of a portfolio. This course is the first of a two-part series that guides new impact investors through the impact investment process and teaches investors how to develop a unique approach to impact investing. By the end of the course series, you will be better prepared to seize the opportunities that impact investing presents.

This is Part I of a two-part series designed to guide new impact investors through the impact investment process. Take Part II of the course series here. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the fundamentals and characteristics of impact investing as it relates to other approaches (i.e., ESG investing)
  • Identify the types of impact investing approaches and understand the relationship between Risk-Return-Impact
  • Learn how to set objectives and an impact investment strategy

Who Should Enroll ?

  • Investors – including institutional investors, family offices, foundations – that manage asset allocation, investment strategy, risk, and operations
  • Finance professionals interested in generating deep and sustainable impact through investments and gaining actionable insights into the impact investment process
  • Consultants or intermediaries who want to deepen their understanding of sustainable investing in practice

Learning Topics

Module 1

Contextualizing Impact Investing

Module 2

Improving Your Framework for Better Impact Investing

Key Benefits

Renowned Instructors

Learn from the most recognized innovators in the space

Immediate Applicability

Jumpstart your career in sustainability and discover new answers to old problems

Online, Self-Guided Course

Learn anytime, anywhere with unimitated access for 90 days

IIX Institute digital credential

Earn a verified digital credential from the IIX Institute that can be used as evidence of knowledge acquired


Bennett Wong

Bennett Wong

Director of Impact Partners, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

Bennett leads the Impact Partners private placement platform and works with enterprises through technical assistance to advise on capital raising. Before joining IIX, he spent 4 years with the Lloyds of London insurance market underwriting trade and political risk, and 6 years structuring commodity trade financing loans with various banks including the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. Bennett has also published in peer-reviewed journals, having spent 2 years as a visiting researcher with the Asia Pacific Centre for Environmental Law at the National University of Singapore researching food security in Southeast Asia. Bennett holds a Masters in Finance from the Singapore Management University, and a BA (Hons I) in Anthropology from Sydney University. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Management at the National University of Singapore.

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