Building Effective Cross-Sector Collaboration:
Public, Private, & Civil Society


Core Subject : Sustainable finance

Difficulty : Foundational

Length : Approximately 2-3 hours

Structure :

  • Self-guided course
  • Readings
  • Assessments
  • IIX Institute digital credential

Course Access Period : 90 days

Price : $15

Group rates available. Contact : for more info.


Building an ecosystem for sustainable investing is complex, requiring the concerted effort of public, private, and civil society actors to catalyze system-wide change. Not only is there a need to shift stakeholders towards a new way of thinking about development and finance, but there’s also a need to reposition sectors through multi-stakeholder partnerships to value opportunities that produce both social and financial returns. This course offers a foundational understanding of what it means to create an effective ecosystem that benefits the 99% of the world. By the end of the course, you will be able to identify the key stakeholder groups and their role in catalyzing the sustainable investing movement to achieve the SDGs.

Learning Objectives 

  • Define the way the public, private and civil society can play a role in building the ecosystem for sustainable investing
  • Explore a case study to map the gaps of the ecosystem and identify the role stakeholders play in the most catalytic way
  • Observe how IIX has addressed gaps in cross-sector collaboration

Who Should Enroll ?

  • Policymakers eager to orchestrate a more collaborative ecosystem for sustainable investing
  • Financial and corporate professionals interested in creating more social and environmental impact while achieving financial returns
  • Early- and mid-career professionals looking to identify their role and strengthen the ecosystem

Learning Topics

Module 1

The Role of Public, Private, Civil Society

Module 2

Case Study: Mapping the Gaps in the Ecosystem

Module 3

Case Study: Partnerships in Action

Key Benefits

Renowned Instructors

Learn from the most recognized innovators in the space

Immediate Applicability

Jumpstart your career in sustainability and discover new answers to old problems

Online, Self-Guided Course

Learn anytime, anywhere with unimitated access for 90 days

IIX Institute digital credential

Earn a verified digital credential from the IIX Institute that can be used as evidence of knowledge acquired


Jennifer Chien

Jennifer Chien

Director, Research and Advisory, Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

Jennifer Chien is the Director of Research and Advisory at IIX. She leads initiatives to educate the larger impact investing ecosystem including impact investors, corporations, foundations, international organizations, and governments. She is in charge of supporting ecosystem players with in-depth sector analysis, landscape mapping, and action-oriented research, and curating content for equipping professionals from the public, private, and philanthropic sectors with the knowledge and skills to play a catalytic role in the impact investing space. Jennifer brings +10 years of experience supporting both MNCs and SMEs in the US, China, Malaysia, and Singapore in gaining market access to Asia, including managing a US$3M+ EU SME market access project in Asia Pacific at the EU Chamber of Commerce, and supporting American MNCs at the American Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Masters and PhD in Social Science from Duke University, US.

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